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Loaves and Fishes Ministries
831 N. Sycamore
Lansing, MI 48906

Staff Members

Dr. Thomas Woods
Phone: 517-482-2099 Ext. 7900
[email protected]

Katy Kelly
Guest Advocacy Manager Assistant
Phone: 517-482-2099 Ext: 7901
[email protected]

Dorothy Moore
Volunteer Coordinator/ Administrative Assistant
Phone: 517-482-2099 Ext: 7902
[email protected]

Dwain Bray
Facilities Custodian
Phone: 482-2099 Ext 7908
[email protected]

Core Community Board of Directors

Kendra Basiga: President
Barbara Curtis: Secretary
Nick Nauta: Treasurer

Pastor Derrick Knox
S. Catherine (Cat) Koerner
Margaret (Marge) Morath
Mary Spencer
Donna Stone
Joan Tirak


We invite you to seriously consider volunteering to serve on the L&F Core Community Board of Directors (CCBD). This would be a perfect fit for those who have previously volunteered at L&F. But if you have not, we ask that you first serve as a 6-10 volunteer OR an overnight volunteer for a few months to become grounded in the L&F spirituality and the services offered by L&F Ministries. Your membership on the CCBD would be greatly appreciated.